MUM: Eoin?! Supper's ready!! Two minutes later the three of us are ____ at the table, having supper. ____ we're having ____, potatoes, a fried egg and a fried tomato. I don't like ____ tomatoes but I don't tell mum. She thinks I like them. Dad speaks ____. DAD: So… Eoin… How are things at school? ME: Good, Dad. MUM: Really°? won ME: Yes, Mum. Really. MUM: Mr Stirling doesn't agree. Mr Stirling is our history teacher. Now I understand. The phone call + Mr Stirling = big trouble. DAD: Mr Stirling thinks you've got problems. MUM: Do you have any problems, Eoin? You can tell us. ME: I don't have any problems. DAD: Yes, you do. Do you want to know the result of your History test? ME: Oh… DAD: 2 out of 100! MUM: Don't get angry°, Dad. DAD: I'm not angry! I never ____ why mum calls dad 'dad'. He isn't her dad. He's my dad. Her dad lives in a flat in London with two cats and a dog called Rusty. My dad's name is Martin. And Martin is angry.



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