1) As soon as I came home I rushed .... my sandwich. a) at b) in/into c) out/off d) to 2) Please don't rush ________ without knocking. a) at b) in c) into d) to 3) The fireman rushed _______ the burning building to save the child. a) at b) into c) in d) to 4) Why did he rush ________ of the room without saying goodbye? a) at b) off c) out d) into 5) The children rushed _______ as soon as the bell went. a) at b) out c) in d) off 6) We all rushed ____ the door when the postman arrived. a) at b) off c) to d) out 7) We'll have to rush the baby _______ the doctor. a) at b) into c) off d) to 8) Mel is afraid of bulls because when he was a child a big bull rushed _________ him. a) to b) at c) into d) in 9) Don't rush _______ conclusions. a) to b) at c) out d) off

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