1) We worked hard just before Christmas _ we could really enjoy the holiday. a) in order to b) so that 2) John just went out _ the paper. a) to buy b) for buy 3) This oven is used _ bread. a) so that make b) to make 4) John whispered _ disturb the other passengers on the flight. a) so as not to b) in order to 5) Here’s my number _ you can call me if you have a problem. a) so that b) so as to 6) Take your hat _ it gets too hot. a) to b) in case 7) We went out _ a pizza. a) in order to b) for 8) We took an umbrella _ it rained. a) in case b) so as not to 9) We walked in quietly _ wake up the children. a) to b) so as not to 10) Keep the keys _ you can come when you need. a) so that b) in case

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