Hi there and welcome to Get Culture! I went for a run in the park earlier. Do you like visiting the park where you live? Did you know that some parks are so big that they ____ millions of ____ every year? This is Yellowstone National Park, in the northwest of the United States. It’s very big. In fact, it’s larger than some US states! ____ 4 million people from all ____ the world visit the park each year. You can go camping, hiking and even mountain biking. Yellowstone ____ a national park in 1872. It’s the oldest national park in the USA. Yellowstone Park is in the ____ of the Rocky Mountains. The Yellowstone River ____ through the park. Summers in Yellowstone are quite warm but they can be ____ too. In the winter, it often snows. The coldest temperature ever ____ at Yellowstone was -54 degrees Celsius. Many people visit Yellowstone to see the ____ geysers. A geyser is an ____ spring that shoots jets of hot water and steam ____. There are about 500 geysers in the park. Are there any national parks in your country? Let’s look at another national park in the USA. This is the Grand Canyon. It’s in the state of Arizona. It’s a deep, ____ valley. The Colorado river runs through it. The Grand Canyon is 29 kilometres at its ____ point and 446 kilometres long. That’s as long as 4250 football ____! And did you know the Grand Canyon is nearly 2 kilometres ____? Summer temperatures can ____ as hot as 40 degrees Celsius. In the winter, there can be a lot of snow and the temperature can be as cold as -18 degrees Celsius. These tourists are on a boat trip through the canyon. The river is very ____ and it can be ____

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