He paused at the sight of Pierre., No one was in sight when she reached the building, but the door was open., It was love at first sight., He has very little sight in his right eye., She sat up and took notice when she heard he was getting married., When he slowed, he saw that people took notice of him driving in the rain with the top down., It was a great number and they took notice of him even though he was just on his own., Iron exposed to damp air will rust., Nuclear testing has exposed millions of people to radiation., The castle was enlarged considerably in the fifteenth century., We enlarged the house by adding a west wing., Four multiplied by five is twenty., The costs have been multiplied up many times., A new wing was added to the building., Unusually poor harvests have added to the country's problems., Fine clothes added to his strikingly handsome appearance., All the children were well nourished and in good physical condition., He nourished the same attitude in others., She dreamed of flying away to exotic faraway places., His eyes had a distant faraway look, like a sailor staring out to sea., We sat around the fire listening to faraway noises..




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