1) Meditation * help you improve your concentration. a) should b) must c) can d) has to 2) When you make an ethical decision, you * to think of how your actions will affect others. a) are able to b) should c) mustn't d) ought 3) Although sunlight is good for your bones and immune system, you * spend too long in bright sunshine. a) don't have to b) mustn't c) couldn't d) ought not 4) You * do sport every day, but you * try to exercise regularly to keep your muscles toned. a) mustn't/ must b) shouldn't/ should c) can't/ can d) don't have to/ ought to 5) To make sure your brain and body are healthy, you * get the right amount of sleep. a) must b) can c) are able to d) ought 6) You * use a gadget in bed as it disrupts your sleep cycle. a) shouldn't b) couldn't c) ought not d) don't have to 7) In the past, customers * get minor surgery at a barber's! a) were able b) must have c) could d) was able to 8) People who * breathe on their own used to be put in a machine called the Iron Lung. a) wasn't able to b) weren't able to c) couldn't d) shouldn't 9) In the past, many children * work from an early age! a) must have b) were able to c) should have d) had to 10) If you * do a lot for school, try to manage your stress by doing something pleasant. a) must b) have to c) should d) are able to

Modal verbs + Health (Starlight Mod 4)

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