1) The children ... the museum last Monday. a) visited b) visits c) visitted 2) Jim ... football 2 days ago. a) play b) played c) playd 3) Ann .... in a hotel last week. a) stay b) stayed c) staied 4) I ..... to buy some ice cream yesterday. a) wantet b) wantied c) wanted 5) She ..... French at school many years ago. a) studied b) studyed c) did study 6) Penelope ...... school in 1992 a) finished b) finishd c) did finish 7) She ......to Italy last month. a) travelled b) travel c) traveled 8) My mum......the floor two days ago. a) mops b) moped c) mopped 9) They.....their car last week. a) washed b) washes c) washied




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