Sleepyhead: 1. I hadn't slept all night. , 2. I was very tired., 3. I fell asleep during the concert., Hungry!: 1. I hadn't had time for lunch., 2. By 5 PM I was starving!, 3. I ate in a restaurant after work., Shopaholic: 1. He had spent all his salary on new clothes., 2. He was broke., 3. He had to borrow money from his brother., Fired!: 1. John had lost an important contract., 2. His boss wasn't satisfied with his performance., 3. He wasn't surprised when he was told to leave the company. , Lost!: 1. I hadn't been to the area before., 2. I didn't know my way around., 3. I got lost., No booking - no room: 1. I hadn't made a reservation., 2. I couldn't get a room in a hotel., 3. I had to stay with friends.,

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