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When you get a new product, do you read the instruction manual?, How much time do you spend online each week?, What are some of your favorite websites? What can you do on them?, How do you feel if you forget your mobile phone and leave it somewhere?, Which electronics brands do you trust most? Are you loyal to one brand?, Is it important for you to have the most modern gadgets?, Some people dislike or fear technology. Do you know anyone like this?, Do you read e-books? What are their advantages and disadvantages when compared with paper books?, Is there an electronic product you want these days? What is it? How will it make your life better?, Do you play computer games? What do you say to people who believe they are a waste of time?, What crazy future technology are you looking forward to? For example, flying cars or personal robots., Which social networking services do you use? What do you like or dislike about them?, Some people prefer to live with less technology in their lives. Can you understand the desire to live a simpler life?, Many science fiction movies present a dark vision of the future. Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of humanity?, What new technology could you not live without?, Do you like using technology to learn?, Do you think we’ve become obsessed with technology?, Has technology made our lives better than our grandparents’ lives?, What technological devices do you use every day?, How would your life change if all your technological devices were taken away for a week?.



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