1) She is ____________ a burger now. a) eatting b) eating c) eats 2) He is ______________ a shower at the moment. a) having b) haveing c) has 3) They ___________________ their homework now. a) are doing b) is doing c) do 4) _______ I watching TV at the moment? a) is b) are c) am 5) He is ________________ very fast today. a) runing b) running c) runs 6) We are _____________________ at the lake today. a) swimming b) swiming c) swim 7) It is _________________________ now. a) raining b) rainning c) rains 8) Mikhail ________________ coming with us. a) am not b) is not c) are not 9) Are we going to the park now? a) Yes, we is. b) Yes, we aren't. c) Yes, we are. 10) They are _______________ for souvenirs today. a) shoping b) shopping c) shop



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