I'm crying but I don't feel emotional. I'm cooking., Now I can drive anywhere I want, but I don't have any money left., We're at the theatre. My friend looks very angry and we can't go in., I feel sick. There are five chocolate bar wrappers on the floor., I'm at the doctor's. I always wake up in the night and I feel exhausted., I'm completely wet. I didn't take an umbrella with me., I'm celebrating with my partner. I met her/him ten years ago., I was at the beach. Now I'm in pain and my body is red all over., I find it difficult to get up in the morning. My boss is furious with me., I'm really anxious. I don't have my credit cards and cash anymore., I was at the gym. I'm tired and really hot., I spent weeks studying. Now I'm really happy and celebrating with the other students..

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