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1) Where did the Vikings come from? a) America b) France c) Scandinavia d) Spain 2) In what year was the first Viking raid? a) 790 BC b) 1000 AD c) 952 BC d) 795 AD 3) What were their ships called? a) Shortships b) Longships c) Narrowships d) Wideships 4) What objects did the Vikings mainly steal? a) Purses and wallets b) Jewellery and paintings  c) Books and chalices d) Food and beer 5) Where did the people of Ireland usually hide their treasure? a) Safes b) Round towers c) Under their beds d) In churches 6) Name two things Vikings were good at. a) Fishing and sailing b) Hunting and eating  c) Shoe making and farming d) Cooking and building 7) What were Vikings known as? a) Norse men b) Rebels c) Deise men  d) Holy men 8) A Vikings most important weapon was a ___________ a) Mace b) Hammer c) Spear d) Sword 9) Did Vikings believe in life after death? a) Yes b) No 10) Did Viking children go to school? a) Yes b) No


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