1) He (play) the guitar yesterday. a) plays b) played c) playing d) play 2) We (dance) at the party last night. a) danced b) dance c) dancing d) danceed 3) The hunters (hunt) birds yesterday a) hunt b) hunting c) hunts d) hunted 4) The cooks (not work) all night. a) don`t work b) didn`t work c) were not working d) not work 5) The buttlers (not bake) the food yesterday a) didn`t bake b) don`t bake c) not baken d) bake 6) (...) the ladies (dance) all night? a) Did the ladies danced all night? b) Do the ladies danced all night? c) Did the ladies dance all night? 7) It (rain) all day. a) raining b) rained c) was raining d) rains 8) The knight (play) chess a) played b) didn`t play c) play d) plays 9) My friends and I (watch) TV last evening. a) watching b) watches c) do watch d) watched e) watch 10) I (listen) to music 1 hour ago. a) listening b) listened c) listens d) listen 11) My brother (play) basketball yesterday a) play b) plays c) playing d) played 12) They (travel) to Moscow 2 years ago. a) traveled b) travelled c) travel d) travelling




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