Civil Law - deals with property rights, personal rights, contracts, and personal injury. , Criminal Law - the branch of law that aims to protect individuals and society by defining certain actions as crimes, or offenses against society. , Contract - A legally binding agreement between two or more people or agencies., Legal Disability - A conditions that results in a person being unable to enter a contract, such as being under the age of consent, being rules mentally incompetent, or having an altered mental state due to drugs or semi-consciousness., Tort - A harmful action that causes injury, restricts someone's freedom or damages property. , Ethical - A term used to describe an action that firts with someones personal morals or professional rules of conduct, Abuse - Physical, sexual, or verbal mistreatment, Assault - Any threat or attempt to injure another person, Battery - Unlawful touching of another person without their consent, Felony - A serious crime that carries a penalty of at least one year of imprisonment, Libel - Untrue written statements that cause injury to a person’s reputation, Defamation - Statement that causes injury to a person’s reputation, Invasion of privacy - make personal information public without the consent of the patient; unnecessary physical exposure, Malpractice - Providing bad care resulting in injury; act of commission, False imprisonment - A person is confined or retained against his/her will, Theft - Taking another person’s possessions, Reasonable care - Legal obligation of healthcare professionals to provide care according to the standards of practice expected within their community of healthcare professionals, Murder - Taking another person’s life, Negligence - Failure to provide care that is normally expected resulting in injury to the patient; act of omission, Slander   - Untrue spoken statements that cause injury to person’s reputation, Misuse of narcotics - Using controlled drugs in a manner other than intended,




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