1) Which of these are emergency phone numbers in the UK? a) 111 b) 999 c) 112 d) 911 e) 101 2) How long must you check for to see if a casualty is breathing? a) 3 seconds b) 5 seconds c) 10 seconds d) 20 seconds e) 60 seconds 3) What is the average resting heart rate (pulse)? a) 10-20 b) 20-40 c) 40-60 d) 60-80 4) What position would you put an unresponsive but breathing casualty in? a) Star shape b) Recovery position c) Raised legs d) In a chair 5) Sneezing, runny or blocked nose, red eyes or coughing could all be signs of... a) allergic reaction b) cut c) fracture d) graze e) nose bleed




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