Correct: bank loans aid budgeting , total cost = fixed cost + variable costs, a fixed cost are costs that stay the same , cast budgeting can help in making decisions , the internet can be used to check customer credit ratings , a cash-out example is salaries , the break-even point is when neither profit nor loss is made , total revenue is all the money coming into the business , an outflow example is insurance , an inflow example is a check , bank overdrafts are easy to arrange , venture capital is a large sum of money , Incorrect: government grants need to be paid back , profit = total costs + total revenue , a mortgage is a small sum of money , outflows is the money coming into the business , profit of the year if the profit from buying and selling goods , word can be used to make powerpoints , council tax is a variable cost , a cash-out example is paypal , an inflow example is gas , a hire purchase has no interest , a loan from family usually has interest , breakeven charts are difficult to understand ,

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