1) Dad _____ (not buy) a new car last week. a) didn't buy b) doesn't buy 2) Mum always _____ (cook) chicken on Mondays. a) cooked b) cooks c) cookes 3) Do you ____ (like) chips? a) like b) liked c) likes 4) Mary ____ (leave) for Italy last month. a) leaves b) left c) leave 5) Do you _____ (brush) your teeth every night? a) brushes b) brushed c) brush 6) The boys ____ (not play) football last Sunday. a) don't play b) didn't play c) doesn't play 7) Did Emily _____ (come) to the party? a) comes b) came c) come 8) I ______ (not watch) TV last night. a) didn't watch b) don't watch c) didn't watched 9) ___ you ___ Mary last weekend? (visit) a) Did you visit b) Do you visit c) Did you visited

Present Simple or Past Simple

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