John apologised for forgetting to take out the rubbish. SORRY John said he *** forgotten to take out the rubbish. - John said he WAS SORRY HE HAD forgotten to take out the rubbish., This motorcycle is able to do 200 kilometres per hour. CAPABLE This motorcycie *** 200 kilometres per hour. - This motorcycie IS CAPABLE OF DOING....... 200 kilometres per hour., The carpenter had to get someone to help him as there was so much work to do. SUCH There was ***. to do, that the carpenter Had to get someone to help him. - There was SUCH AN AMOUNT OF WORK... to do, that the carpenter Had to get someone to help him., Unfortunately, I can't attend your party next week. PRESENT Unfortunately, I won't be able *** your party next week. - Unfortunately, I won't be able TO BE PRESENT AT... your party next week., Judy became quite famous for performing in that play. NAME Judy *** by performing in that play.  - Judy MADE A NAME FOR HERSELF. by performing in that play., We'll miss the train if we don't run, said Mike. UNLESS Mike said that *** miss the train. - Mike said that. UNLESS WE RAN WE WOULD miss the train., Would you mind if I shut the door? TO Would you object *** the door? - Would you object TO ME SHUTTING the door?, I can't find my car keys - Have you seen them? my sister asked. SEEN My sister asked me *** her keys. - My sister asked me IF I HAD SEEN her keys., My mother insisted on my doing some chores every day. MADE My mother *** some chores every day. - My mother MADE ME DO some chores every day., You might get hungry on the journey, so you should take plenty of snacks. CASE Take plenty of snacks *** hungry on the journey. - Take plenty of snacks IN CASE YOU GET hungry on the journey.,

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