1) She _____ (live) in Australia in 2019. a) live b) lives c) lived 2) They ___ (be) at home now. a) is b) are c) were 3) Sam ____ (play) video games last Sunday. a) play b) played c) plays 4) Martin _____ (visit) his grandparents every weekend.  a) visit b) visits c) visited 5) She ____ (watch) TV last night. a) watched b) watch c) watches 6) They ____ ( not go) to school these days. a) don't go b) doesn't go c) didn't go 7) ______ she _____ lunch in the cafe on Mondays? (have) a) Does have b) Does has c) Do have 8) Sally ___ (drive) her car to the garage last night. a) drived b) drove  c) drives 9) ___ Kelly ____ to school every day? (go) a) Does go b) Do go c) Does goes d) Goes 10) ____ mum ____ at home two months ago? ( work ) a) Does work b) Did work c) Did worked d) worked 11) She ____ (not live) in London. a) doesn't live b) didn't live c) don't live 12) They ____ (not do) their homework yesterday. a) don't do b) didn't do c) didn't does d) do

Present Simple or Past Simple

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