We have ______ him for more than ten years. (know), Beatrice can't come to the door right now – she ______ a shower. (have), We ______ a bath in our flat, not a shower. (have), David _______  three motorbikes and two cars. (own),  I _______ anyone who smokes cigarettes is crazy. (think),  What awful noise! Our neighbors _______ (have) a party., Give me a moment, please; I _______ about what to do. (think),  The sky ____ (look) as if it’s going to rain.,  Jane _________ (smell) the lilies in the garden., I ______ (love) mellons., The children ______ (have) fun making lots of noise., This cake ______ (taste) awful., This dress _______ (fit) you perfectly., Molly ______ (look) pretty today., Your new French perfume _______ (smell) so nice., I _______ (enjoy) every bite of this meal., Susan _______ (look) good at some photos., We _________ (fit) new locks., Sally _______ (enjoy) home-made food..

Skor Tablosu

Rastgele kartlar açık uçlu bir şablondur. Bir lider panosu için skor oluşturmaz.



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