I think ____ you all day. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet ____ in "Titanic". Please call me ____ the lesson. "Oops I did it ____" is my favourite song of Britney Spears. Open the window please! We need some fresh ____. Banana, peach, orange... I like ____ kinds of fruit! The word "____" has the same meaning as "too". Do you have ____ money? I need to find a babysitter. Can you recommend ____? My parents ____ now at home. My dream is to travel ____ the world. Tonya works ____ a waitress. Can I ____ you something private? Do you have a boyfriend? Good to see you again! Welcome ____! I want to ____ a famous youtuber. I am sad and angry ____ my team lost a match. Wash your hands ____ eating. I live ____ a school and a church. It's hard to choose one of you. I like you ____! Your son is a really nice ____. Do you have a ____ or sister? I go to work ____ bus. My name is Robertino but you can ____ me Bob. Yesterday I ____ home very late.




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