Canada is a very big ____. People in Canada live in lots of ____ places. Some live in big ____ like Toronto or Vancouver. Others live in towns and ____. And some Canadians live in a very cold place called the Arctic Circle. It covers 40% of Canada. Travelling can be difficult. People ____ by plane or snow mobile and sometimes even by dog sled! These people are going fishing; they have to travel a long way from their homes. They haven’t got a ____ to sleep in. Where can they sleep? Look, they’re building an ____. Children ____ how to build igloos with help from their families. Kristi and her brother are learning how to fish. First, they have to dig a hole in the ____. The ice is 50 cm thick; it’s hard ____. Then they need to be very quiet and ____. Look out! It’s a polar bear. Special police make sure that the bears travel safely through the town. The ____ here can last from October to March. In the Arctic, people ____ a lot of the winter inside. They ____ spending time together as a family.

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