1) Which of the following is a FRUIT? a) Potato b) Strawberry c) Peas d) Sweetcorn e) Carrot f) Banana 2) Which of the following is a VEGETABLE? a) Sweet potato b) Banana c) Kiwi d) Pineapple e) Coconut f) Mushroom 3) Which are the THREE healthier options? a) Salad b) Cake c) Vegetables d) Biscuits e) Fruit f) Fizzy drinks 4) What would be a good way to spend your 15 minute breaks? a) Spending time away from your computer or phone b) Eating a slice of cake c) Going for a walk d) Having as many biscuits as possible e) Drinking some water f) Ordering a takeaway 5) What would be the HEALTHIEST be of these options? a) Digestive biscuit b) celery sticks c) Vegetable curry d) jaffa cake e) Chicken chow mein f) Chicken nuggets 6) Pork, beef and chicken are types of what? a) Fruit b) Carbohydrates c) Fats d) Dairy e) Vegetables f) Protein 7) Which would be YOUR preferred choice of exercise? a) Boxing b) Yoga c) Aerobics d) Football e) Weights f) Walk 8) What would be the UNHEALTHIEST be of these options? a) Salmon and salad b) Chicken burger, fries and coleslaw c) Pasta bake d) Vegetable stew e) Baked beans on toast f) Mushroom omelette 9) What would YOU choose as a snack at the end of the College day? a) Slice of cake b) Cup of tea and a biscuit c) Banana d) Nuts and raisins e) Coca Cola f) Crisps 10) How much exercise do you do a week? a) Every day b) Once a week c) 2-3 times a week d) Twice a month e) Once a month f) Never

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