1) What is the marketing mix commonly known as? a) 4P's b) 4O's c) 2P's d) Products 2) The Product Lifecycle goes in which order? a) Decline, Growth, Maturity, Introduction b) Introduction, Growth, Maturity, Decline c) Introduction, Maturity, Growth, Decline d) Growth, Maturity, Decline 3) Field research is also known as Primary Research? a) True b) False 4) Which one is a method of field research? a) Website b) Book c) Survey 5) Which one is a method of desk research? a) Website b) Survey c) Focus Group 6) Market segmentation is the process of grouping potential customers together by common characteristics such as... a) Gender, age & lifestyle b) Location & income c) Religion & occupation d) All of the above 7) Which is NOT a benefit of target marketing? a) Knowing exactly how many products you'll sell b) Sale of products in the most appropriate places c) Pricing of products to what customers will pay d) Tailoring of products 8) Special offers like BOGOF is a method of advertising or promotion? a) Advertising b) Promotion 9) TV, Radio & Billboards are methods of advertising or promotion? a) Advertising b) Promotion 10) Customer loyalty and higher prices are advantages of branding? a) True b) False




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