1) How _________ bottles of juice have you got? a) much b) many c) lots 2) There´s not _________ butter in the fridge. We need to buy _________ . a) any, some b) some, some c) much,some 3) We've got _______apples. We can make an apple pie. a) few b) a few c) a little 4) John must hurry up! He has ____time to catch the train! a) a little b) little c) few 5) It is difficult to answer you question now. Let me think______. a) a few b) some c) a little 6) Would you like ________coffee? a) any b) some c) many 7) I can't cook soup - there are not _____potatoes left. a) some b) many c) any 8) Can I have _____crisps? a) some b) any c) a lot of 9) There are ______bananas on the shelf, I think about 5 kilos. a) many b) a few c) a lot of 10) You eat too_____sugar! It may be dangerous. a) little b) much c) few

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