1) We ....have a lesson yesterday. a) don't b) didn't c) aren't d) weren't 2) .... you sleep well last Sunday? a) Do b) Was c) Did d) Are 3) I ....see you last weekend. a) don't b) am not c) aren't d) didn't 4) ... you get any marks at school last week? a) Are b) Did c) Do d) Is 5) We .... a funny comedy last Friday. a) saw b) seen c) seeed d) sawed 6) He .... on the sofa. a) satted b) sitted c) sat d) sited 7) They ... good news. a) bringht b) bringed c) bring d) brought 8) Did you ... computer games? a) played b) play c) playeed d) playd 9) ...did you have for lunch today? - A sandwich and vanilla milkshake. a) Where b) What c) Who d) When 10) ....went to bed late? -My brother. a) What b) Why c) Where d) Who 11) ...did he go to bed late? -He watched a movie. a) Who b) Where c) What d) Why 12) ....did you get up yesterday? -At 7 am. a) What time b) When c) Where d) What 13) ...book did you read last week? -The stories by O'Henry. a) When b) Where c) What... d) Who 14) ...he at school? -No, he got ill. a) Did b) Were c) Was d) Do 15) ...did you ask for help? -My teacher. a) Nobody b) Who c) Why d) When 16) ... colour did you like most? -Yellow one. a) Where b) What c) Which d) Why 17) ...you with your parents on holidays? - Yes, I was. a) Was b) Were c) When d) Did 18) I ....my old friends last month. a) did b) meeted c) meet d) met 19) ... did you last eat donuts? - I don't remember. Maybe, when I was a child. a) When b) Where c) What d) Why 20) ...did you buy this toy? -I liked it. a) When b) Why c) What d) Who 21) He ... sell his bike last month.  a) doesn't b) don't c) didn't d) wasn't 22) She... happy last time. a) weren't b) werenot c) didn't d) wasn't 23) They... a new video last time. a) did b) seen c) made d) see 24) You ... at the mall last Saturday. I saw you. a) weren't b) were c) went d) was 25) Did you.... a fly at your class? a) caught b) catch c) saw d) met 26) She... him an email. a) sent b) send c) didn't d) sended 27) We... to Turkey last summer. a) flown b) flyed c) flied d) flew 28) You....late. What....? a) comed ... happened b) come... hapened c) came... happened d) came... happen 29) Who....you with your homework? - My grandparents.  a) helpped b) helped/helpt c) did helped d) did helpt 30) Why ... you smily last time I met you? a) weren't b) were c) was d) wasn't

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