Last summer week we ____ to the park with old friends of mine. We ____, talked a lot and laughed. After that, we ____ some pizza and ____ fresh juice. Why didn't you join us? We ____ great time in the park and then went to the zoo. ____ a lot of exotic animals there. I ____ a lot of pictures and shared with everyone. We ____ seeds for birds and ____ them with pleasure. ____ you visit a zoo last summer? We ____ fun together. We ____ that that was the last summer day. The weather ____ sunny and hot. My sister ____ come. She called her friends and they ____ to Spain for the weekend. My parents ____ their cottage, because we were so busy with our garden. Our neighbours ____ a new car and had an accident last month. We ____ them to the hospital. My grandparents ____ visa and went to the US. Our pets were hungry and ____ away. These are the latest news from my family. Did you have fun last summer week?

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