1) What is she doing? a) She is having a shower. b) She is picking flowers. c) She is watering the flowers. d) She is in the garden. 2) The rabbit is eating some lettuce. a) b) c) d) 3) We are taking our dog to the vet because ...... a) he is very hungry b) he has a broken leg c) he is running in the garden d) he can't climb a tree 4) Jason: Mum, can I feed the ducks? Mum: ............... Here is some bread. a) No way! b) Not right now. c) Good idea. d) Yes, I am. 5) Look at the picture. Which is NOT correct? a) A boy is riding a bicycle. b) Two children are playing soccer. c) A girl is riding a scooter.  d) There is a dog playing with the children. 6) We are at the animal shelter. We want to ................... a) read books b) have a picnic c) donate clothes d) adopt a dog 7) Look at the picture. Which one is correct? a) Two boys are swimming in the plastic pool. b) There are a lot of children in the sea. c) A girl is making a sandcastle. d) A boy is flying a kite. 8) Mike: Can I take the dog for a walk? Dad: .............. He is eating. a) Of course, you can. b) Not right now. c) Sounds great. d) Sure. Hurry up! 9) I want to adopt an animal but first I ........... I need to get permission from them. a) must ask my parents b) can't feed the animals in the zoo c) can't take my dog for a walk d) should give some water to my birds. 10) It is a farm animal with four legs. It is usually white. It likes eating grass.  a) rooster b) hen c) donkey d) sheep 11) The bird .............. because it has a broken wing. a) can't swim b) can't walk c) can't fly d) can jump 12) Jason is painting the walls in the living room and his son is tidying up his room. In which picture can you see Jason? a) b) c) d)

5th Grade Unit 9 Animal Shelter





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