The bar chart shows the number of social networking sites visited by internet users in Canada in 2014 and in 2015., In general, there was a growing tendency to use more than one site., Compared to 2014, there was a decline in those visiting none or only one social networking site, and an increase in those who visited more than 2 sites., There was a small drop of 1% in those who did not visit any social media site, but a large drop from 36% to 28% in those who only visited one site., In contrast, the numbers who used two sites, three sites, four sites and five sites all grew over the period analysed., Although there was only a small increase from 23% to 24% in those who visited 2 sites, , the increase for the others were higher, from 12% to 16%, 5% to 8% and 2% to 4% respectively., While the rate of growth was higher for the last 3 groups in 2015, , the total percentages still remained much larger for those who didn't have a social media account (21%), and those who only had one or two accounts (28%)..

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