A reason why children should learn about the history of their own country., A reason why university students should only be allowed to study subjects related to science and technology., A reason why some people have forgotten the meaning behind traditional or religious festivals. , A benefit to being 'child-free'., A drawback of public transport., A benefit of living in a large, extended family group., A reason why we need music., A reason why it's fair that some sports stars earn a great deal of money., A reason why consumer goods are so popular., An advantage of reading news in a printed newspaper., A drawback of alternative medicine. , A way of reducing stress, A benfit of using chemicals in food production to preserve food. , A way of reducing traffic congestion in modern cities., An example of a celebrity who is a positive role model for young people., A way of solving the problem of overfishing. , A way of preventing young people from encoutering dangerous situations online., An example of an endangered species., A way of preventing qualified people such as doctors and teachers from leaving their own poorer countries and moving to more developed ones. , An advantage of moving big companies to areas outside cities..

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