password - (n) a series of letters or numbers that you must type into a computer or computer system in order to be able to use it, install (software) - (vb) to put a new program / app onto an electronic device, back up - (vb) to prepare a second copy of a file, program, etc. that can be used if the main one fails or needs extra support, store - (vb) to put something somewhere and keep it there to use later, hard drive - (n) a part of a computer that stores information, memory stick - (n) a small device that can be used to store data from a computer and to move it from one computer to another, spam - (n) unwanted emails, usually adverts, attachment - (n) a document that you send to somebody using email, virus - (n) instructions that are hidden within a computer program and are designed to cause faults or destroy data, crash - (vb) when a computer suddenly stops working, copy in - (vb) to send somebody a copy of a letter, an email message, etc. that you are sending to somebody else, forward - (vb) to send or pass goods or information to somebody, delete - (vb) to remove something that has been written or printed, or that has been stored on a computer, print - (vb) to produce letters, pictures, etc. on paper using a machine that puts ink on the surface, scan - (vb) to pass light over a picture or document in order to copy it and put it in the memory of a computer, WiFi - (n) a system for sending data over computer networks using radio waves instead of wires,




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