1. The weather was nice yesterday so, 2. I can't meet you tomorrow because, 3. I called your name but, 4. Although Mary didn't have much money, 5. My friend passed the exam first time while, 6. I don't drink coffee as, 7. I'll do it when, 8. As soon as I have enough money, 9. If you need help, 10. Since I started waking up early, 11. Even though it was cold outside, 12. Whenever I want to cheer myself up, 13. I like to meet new people and, 14. He left early because, 15. I didn't feel well so, 16. She is learning Spanish but, 17. Although my job isn't well paid, 18. While I was taking a shower, 19. Jake and Sara went out to dinner and, 20. Whenever the weather is nice.


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