1) Which is in the active voice? a) The penguin ate the slippery fish b) The fish was caught by the penguin. 2) Which is in the active voice? a) The goal was scored by the striker. b) The striker headed the winning goal. 3) The man read the newspaper slowly. a) active? b) passive? 4) Which are modal verbs? a) could b) must c) might d) may e) will 5) Which is in the past perfect? a) Jack is eating a sandwich b) Jack ate his sandwich c) Jack had eaten his sandwich d) jack was eating his sandwich 6) Which is in the present progressive? a) The mouse ate the cheese crumbs b) The mouse has eaten the cheese crumbs c) The mouse is eating the cheese crumbs 7) Which is in the present simple? a) The elephant sat on the river bank b) The elephant is sitting on the river bank c) The elephant sits on the river bank d) The elephant has sat on the river bank 8) Which is punctuated correctly? a) "Hi" said Mary. b) "Hi," said Mary. c) "Hi." said Mary d) "Hi said Mary." 9) What tense: Mary is going to the fireworks a) Present simple b) Present progressive c) Past simple d) Past Progressive 10) Which is a command? a) Do you want toast? b) I suggest you brush your teeth c) Sit down! 11) Which is in the passive voice? a) The penguin ran to the seal. b) The penguin was attacked by the seal c) The penguin was afraid of the seal 12) Which modal verb is the least likely to happen? a) I must clean my teeth b) I will clean my teeth c) I am likely to clean my teeth d) I may cleen my teeth 13) Which of these is not a noun? a) house b) giraffe c) office d) delicious e) napkin 14) Which of these is an adjective? a) slowly b) quickly c) horrid d) whiteboard 15) Which of these is not a preposition? a) on b) above c) in d) at e) next to 16) Which of these is not a determiner? a) The b) A c) Many d) Several e) For 17) The man quickly finished his cereal. What is missing? a) determiner b) noun c) adverb d) adjective e) verb 18) Which is spelt incorrectly? a) sought b) brought c) nought d) moughtry




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