1) What is CPD? a) Ongoing learning and development b) Placing the needs of the client at the centre of any decisions c) Following policies and procedures 2) Why is CPD important? a) It improves your job performance b) Because inspections are carried out c) You're guaranteed to get promoted 3) What is a CPD responsibility that employers have?  a) Lessons are learned from poor practice b) Employees have opportunities to receive training to do their job role c) A promise or agreement to do something 4) Which of these is NOT an example of a source of CPD support for learning and development?   a) shadowing b) overtime c) work experience 5) Which of these is an example of a source of CPD support for learning and development? a) mentoring b) policies and procedures c) probation 6) What does reflective practice mean? a) Looking back over your work to make improvements to your working practices b) Carrying out your job in a skilful and knowledgeable way c) Carrying out your tasks to a high standard and demonstrating safe and effective behaviours




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