1) You are carrying a lot of bags, but your friend isn't carrying anything. 2) You want to take a holiday photo of your entire family, but you need someone to take it. 3) You want to take an English course, but you need more information about it. 4) It's your birthday next week. You want your friend to come to your party. 5) You are at your friend's favourite restaurant, but you don't know what is good to eat. 6) The room where you work is very hot. 7) You are in a shop. You want to buy something, but it doesn't show the price. 8) Your laptop is broken. You are at the computer repair shop. 9) You are in a currency exchange. You want to change 100 euro for British pounds. 10) You are carrying a large box and the door in front of you is closed. You see a passerby. 11) You are lost and need to get back to your hotel. 12) You forgot your wallet at home. You need some money to buy a snack. 13) You are in a hotel. You want breakfast in bed. 14) You want to go to the airport. You stop a taxi. 15) You are on the phone, but you can't hear what the other person is saying. 16) You are in class and your pen has run out of ink. 17) Your friend is going out to get lunch and you'd like them to get something for you. 18) Your partner always wakes up early. You have to get up at 6 o'clock to catch a flight. 19) Your friends have come to visit you at your home. Shoes aren't allowed to be worn inside. 20) It's raining outside. You don't have an umbrella, but your friend does. 21) You are at a hotel reception. You need a taxi. 22) Your friend is going to the post office. You also need to post a letter. 23) You are in your friend's car. You need to get some money from the ATM. 24) Your brother is watching TV. You are writing an important email. The phone starts ringing. 25) You are trying to take a nap, but your sister is talking loudly. 26) You want to call your friend, but you don't have their phone number. 27) You have just finished eating at a restaurant. Now, you want to pay.


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