1) John ... (visit) his parents this weekend. a) visits b) is visiting 2) Mum ... (take) me to school every day. a) takes b) is taking 3) He ... (always/bite) his nails! a) bite b) is biting 4) Water ... (not/boil) at 80°C. a) doesn't boil b) isn't boiling 5) The bus ... (leave) at 6:30pm. a) leaves b) is leaving 6) ... (he/do) his homework now? a) Does he do b) Is he doing 7) What time ... (you/start) work? a) do you start b) are you starting 8) He ... (not/watch) TV now. a) doesn't watch b) isn't watching 9) She ... (not/like) flying by plane. a) doesn't like b) isn't liking 10) ... (they/leave) next week? a) Do they leave b) Are they leaving 11) I ... (not/think) he’s in. a) don't think b) I am not thinking 12) Be quiet! The baby ... (sleep). a) sleeps b) is sleeping

Present Simple or Present Continuous, Spotlight 7, M1

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