1) What is the name of the green pigment in leaves? a) Chloroplast b) Chlorophyll c) Chloroform 2) Where in the leaf does the most photosynthesis occur? a) Waxy cuticle b) Upper epidermis c) Palisade layer 3) Photosynthesis is an exothermic reaction, true or false? a) True b) False 4) Which of the following is a limiting factor of photosynthesis? a) Oxygen b) Glucose c) CO2 concentration 5) What is the function of this structure? (two answers) a) To control water lost by transpiration b) To let in sunlight c) To absorb H20 d) To allow the exchange of gases 6) What is the chemical symbol for glucose? a) C₆H2O₆ b) C₆H₁₂O₆ 7) Where do plants get their food? a) From nutrients in the soil b) From water c) From the products of photosynthesis 8) How does water enter the plant? a) Through the stomata by diffusion b) Through root hair cells by osmosis c) Through the xylem and phloem 9) What gas is collecting at the top of the test tube? a) Oxygen b) Carbon Dioxide c) Water vapour 10) Why will a leaf turn blue-black when iodine solution is dropped onto it? a) It contains proteins b) It contains starch c) It contains oxygen 11) How is glucose stored in plant cells? a) As amino acids b) As protein c) As starch 12) Why does photosynthesis stop when the temperature is too high?  a) There is no water as it turns to water vapour b) The enzymes denature c) The plant dies 13) Which of these products would not be possible without plants and photosynthesis? a) b) c) d) e) f) All of them!

Photosynthesis Starter Activity

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