Sometimes it is hard to decide if you should see a doctor. If you want to see a ____, you have to make an ____. Many people think it is okay to take ____ they have at home. Taking medicine you have may not always help. It might even be ____. So, how do you know if you really need to see a doctor right away, or if you can wait? It is important to look out for any signs and ____ you may have. Common signs and symptoms: * You have trouble breathing. * You have a bad cough lasting more than a few ____. * You are ____. This means that your body does not have enough liquids to keep working well. * You feel shaky and ____ all of the time. * You have a high ____ or chills. * You feel dizzy. Dizzy spells can be very ____ and harmful. * You recently lost or gained a lot of ____ without wanting to. * You cannot ____ at night. This has lasted for more than a few weeks. Usually you don't ____ to see a doctor if you have a ____ nose for a few days or a small ____ on your ____. Things like this can ____ themselves in a few days. You can also use some home ____. But, if any of your signs and symptoms last for a long ____, it is always good to get some medical ____.




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