We (go) swimming at the sports centre on Fridays., I (go) to have a break and order a pizza. Are you in?, How often (you / see) your colleagues after work?, It (not rain), but I don't want to go out., I can't see you. Where (you / hide)?, My neighbors never (close) the door., We (watch) the bird show at the moment., Sorry, I am busy, I can't talk to you now. I (do) my homework., We (not have) meetings on Mondays., Joe (not eat) his lunch at the moment., Is she OK? Why ...she (cry)?, My dog (not like) swimming., What time (the lesson / finish)?, Stop staring at me! What you (look at), I hardly ever (cook) for my family. We (order) ready-made meals., She never (cook) anything for her family., They rarely (go out) for a meal., They (eat out) in the Eleven today. Don't bother with cooking., What they (show) at the cinema today?, They (work) for a developing IT company., She (come from) the USA. , He (pay) a lot for his flat in Almaty, He (pay) for the taxi. He will be here in a moment., It (rain) a lot in autumn here?, It rarely (snow) in the UK., Look! It (rain) cats and dogs. Let's stay home., Where's our cat? Perhaps he (hunt) for mice again, Cats (hunt) mice?, Dogs (follow) cats?, Why this dog (follow) us?.

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