1) I always feel sad and ________ when it rains. a) slim b) happy c) boring 2) My sister likes swimming in the sea, but I like sitting on the _______. a) garden b) beach c) lake 3) I've got _______ to see my favourite band tomorrow. a) tickets b) posters c) shows 4) I like visiting museums because I think it's more ________ than going to galleries. a) excited b) interesting c) boring 5) I _______ my homework and went for a walk. a) finished b) answered c) went 6) My teacher was angry yesterday because I was ______ for school. a) hungry b) late c) bored 7) We ____ happy to find a job last summer. a) were b) was c) are 8) March is ______ than February. a) long b) more long c) longer 9) I need ______ a new schoolbag. Mine is very old! a) to buy b) buy c) buying 10) I always have fun _____ my friends! a) until b) for c) with

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