jelly bean - A sweet type of candy that is small, circular, and colorful, cry - Sometimes a baby does this, why - Students ask this question a lot, fly - Birds do this, plenty - When you have a lot of something , predict - In reading sometimes you do this when you want to guess what happens next, large - The opposite of small, a puppy - Ms. Vendrella's has this animal, fluffy - Stuffed animals sometimes feel like this, eight - Comes after the number 7 and before the number 9 (trick word), together - In our classroom we work...(trick word), once - Some stories begin with this word (trick word), right  - This word also means correct (trick word), tidy - In 2nd grade we want your desk to be neat and..., a tuxedo or a dress - Sometimes when you go to a fancy party you wear these clothes,

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