1) nonchalant a) carefree b) carefree, casual, not caring c) not caring, casual d) nonchalant e) adjective f) uk 2) authoritarian a) some in charge b) knowledgeable c) stringent, strict 3) authoritative a) stringent, b) knowledgeable c) knowledgeable and or in control 4) have something in hand a) be strict b) be in control c) be knowledgeable 5) pretentious a) glibly b) pretend c) pig-headed 6) divulge a) secret b) conceal c) disclose 7) precede a) follow b) before c) after 8) blow the gaff a) disclose, reveal b) let out c) keep in 9) tip somebody the wink a) disclose, reveal b) reveal something to gain advantage c) keep in something to gain advantage

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