1) This text is: a) a letter. b) a poster. c) an email. 2) The main purpose of this text is to: a) ask Lara if she'll be at home tomorrow evening. b) wish Lara a happy Valentine's Day. c) tell Lara to stay in tomorrow night. 3) What time is Alex eating at the Black Bull Inn? a) 8 o'clock b) in 2 minutes c) 7:30 d) 13:00 4) Who is Alex having a meal with? a) Mo b) Lara c) Chris 5) What is the singular form of children? a) childs b) child c) childrens 6) Alex emailed Lara on: a) Valentine's day. b) the day before Valentine's Day. c) the day after Valentine's Day. 7) The salmon is served with a) crisps b) toast c) bread d) salad 8) Which item is served with peas? a) risotto b) mixed grill c) pasta d) cheese tart 9) The chocolate cake is served with a) cream b) ice cream c) custard 10) Which items are gluten free? a) ice cream b) cake c) crumble d) risotto e) pasta 11) How many vegetarian main courses are on the menu? a) one b) two c) three 12) What is the plural of tomato? a) tomotos b) tomtoes c) tomatoes d) tomates

Valentine's Day E2-E3 Functional English extra reading & spelling questions (plurals) - Skillsworkshop




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