1) ... to that noise. a) listen b) hear 2) Can you ... anything? a) listen b) hear 3) Why do you keep ... that song? a) singing b) humming 4) I'm ... this song at the concert next week. a) singing b) humming 5) I really like the theme ... to that soap opera. a) tune b) melody 6) This soap opera has got a really nice ... . a) tune b) melody 7) Do you remember the words of the first ... of that song? a) line b) verse 8) Do you remember the second ... of that song? a) line b) verse 9) I can't go to weight ... with you today. a) practice b) training 10) I've got music ... . a) practice b) training 11) Turn ... the music! It's too loud! a) down b) off 12) I will come and turn the music ... ! a) down b) off

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