1) I _________ make my bed. a) mustn't b) must 2) You _________ be late. a) must b) mustn't 3) You ________ eat in class. a) must b) mustn't 4) We _________ listen to our teacher. a) mustn't b) must 5) It's Sunday. I _________ get up early. a) have to b) don't have to 6) Tom ____________ wear a uniform in school. a) have to b) has to 7) Masha ________ go to school. She's a baby. a) doesn't have to b) don't have to 8) Does she _________ get up early? a) have to b) has to 9) It's snowing. You ________ wear a jacket. a) should b) shouldn't 10) Alvin's got a cold. He ___________ go to the doctor. a) shouldn't b) should 11) Misha's got a toothache. We _________ take him to the dentist. a) should b) shouldn't 12) We ___________ eat too much chocolate. a) shouldn't b) should

Starlight 4 Module 5 must have to should

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