Shall we go to the cinema? - Yes, that's a good idea. There's an interesting film at the Odeon., Let's watch a film at your house tonight. - Sorry, we can't. My TV doesn't work. , Shall we go shopping at the weekend? - Sorry, I can't. I haven't got any money., Let's play football in the park. - Oh yes! I'd love to. I've got a new ball., Shall we visit Ed and Henry on Sunday? - Oh yes! I'd love to! I like going to their house., Shall we meet outside the Science Museum? - That's a great idea. See you there at 10 o'clock, ok?, Let's do our homework. - That's a good idea. Let's do math first., Shall we clean the bathroom? It's dirty. - Sorry, I can't. I'm doing my homework now.,

Prepare 1 Unit 14 Let's/Shall we


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