Ozymandias - A ruined statue in the desert, Kamikaze - A father's failed suicide mission, Storm on the Island - Weather attacking a place, London - Misery and despair in a place, The Prelude - Stealing a boat and discovering the power of nature, My Last Duchess - Power relations in a marriage, The Charge of the Light Brigade - A failed mission which resulted in many deaths, Exposure - Attacked by war and the weather, Bayonet Charge - One soldier's thoughts and feelings about fighting in a war. He questions why he is there., Remains - Looks at the effects of war on ex-soldiers, Poppies - A mother's loss of her son, War photographer - whose job it is to witness terrible crimes against humanity and bring them back to us many miles away, Tissue - Explores the varied uses of paper and how they relate to life itself, The Emigrée - Memory of a speaker, Checking Out Me History - Challenging view of history and identity,




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