You best friend is very king but today she is really angry with you. You don't understand why, what do you say? (be), You hear a woman crying in a dressing room. What is she saying? (fit), Your askes you for help, why? (fit), You run away from a party, why? (appear), You have come to a concert with you friends, suddenly all people are screaming, why? (appear), Your friend stares at someone in a crowd, what do you say? (look at), Your friend makes a funny face you want to know why, what do you ask? (taste), Your daughter refuses to eat the food you cooked. You want to find out why, she says ... (taste), Your frind wants to know what you like about your job (you're a florist), what do you say? (smell) , You don't like your friend's new perfume. What do you say? (smell), A guy asks you on a date but you don't like him, how do you say no? (see), You're in the Maldives, your friend calls you on WhatsApp and asks "How do you like it there?", what do you say? (have), What's your opinion about cancelled culture? (think), Your friend looks very focused, you want to know why, what do you say? (think).

Verbs with different meanings in present simple and continuous

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Rastgele kartlar açık uçlu bir şablondur. Bir lider panosu için skor oluşturmaz.



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