1) When the teacher asked what was our homework, I wanted to answer: "To prepare for today's test", but my classmate told me: a) Speak your mind! b) Don't get on my nerves! c) Break the ice! d) Hold your tongue! 2) When I was new to the class, it was really difficult for me to start a dialogue first and... a) be a pain in the neck b) break the ice c) drive my classmates crazy d) hold my tongue 3) My stepdad is too bossy. The way he tells me what to do... a) speaks my mind b) breaks the ice c) holds my tongue d) drives me crazy 4) Sometimes I don't like what my friend says or does, but I can't tell her, I'm too shy to... a) break the ice b) drive her crazy c) speak my mind d) get on his nerves 5) This stupid boy from another class keeps annoying me! What a pain in the....! a) neck b) shoulders c) teeth d) head 6) Stop tapping your leg! It's... a) speaking my mind! b) getting on my nerves! c) breaking the ice! d) a pain in the neck!

Idioms 1 Spotlight 8 Module 1

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