...are very popular pets. They bark., ... have long ears. They love carrots., ... have a long neck. Their tongue is blue., ... are black and white. They eat bamboo., ... have eight legs. They spin webs., ... are big cats. They are the King of animals., ... are very small. They have six legs and love sugar., ... live on the farm. They are pink and love mud., ... have no legs. They can be dangerous!, ... can fly but are not birds. They are black., ... are white. They give us wool and meat., ... are birds that can't fly, but they can swim., ... are farm animals. You can ride them., ... live in Australia. They are grey and cute., ... can live more than 100 years. They are very slow..

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Rastgele kartlar açık uçlu bir şablondur. Bir lider panosu için skor oluşturmaz.

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